Youth Netball

Our Youth Netball squad comprises of the following age grades:

U14 (Yr-9) to U18 (Yr-13)

What we provide and focus on

Core themes are tailored to each group.  Still focusing on fun and meeting new friends we now start to refine current skills and introduce new, advanced levels to prepare players for the adult game. Developing a more in-depth game understanding, and increasing knowledge of the specific positions and their roles, players will start to take responsibility for their contribution to the team. This age group category will merge, and 3 or 4 training groups will be established based on ability.  This will ensure that each session is designed to enable the individual to perform to their best and make significant progress whilst working with similar abilities in their group.

Within this group we also provide a pathway for our older girls to play up into the senior teams on Wednesday evenings. Alongside regular training, we also have fixtures, competitions, and special events. We also have teams entered into the local leagues, which compete on a Monday evening or Saturday morning.

Training times and Location

10am–11am, Saturday mornings at the world-renowned Sevens Stadium, Al Ain Road Dubai.

NB: 7am-8am, Saturday mornings during September due to heat

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