Register for the 2017-18 Season

We are delighted that you have chosen the Dubai Hurricanes as your home for rugby and netball here in the UAE. Please have your passport and UAE Visa details to hand to complete your registration  If you were registered with us last season simply click on the [Renew Membership] button.  If you are joining the club for the first time click on the [New Membership] button.


The player membership fees for the 2017-18 Season are listed below.  For those playing rugby or netball these fees equate to an average of AED7 per hour and will during scheduled training, matches and tournaments from 15 Sep 2017 to 22 Apr  2017 and provide players:

1. New kit for the season: shirt, socks, socks for rugby, or dress for netball.

2. Player insurance for anyone aged 9 years or over playing rugby.

3. Medical support throughout all training and scheduled match fixtures for all age groups in both netball and rugby.

4. Qualified rugby and netball coaches to run training and scheduled matches.

5.  Free participation on all UAERF scheduled tournaments within the GCC, where age group applies.

6. Access to grass pitches and netball courts at the world class facilities of 7he Sevens Stadium.

7. Full access to the Dubai Hurricanes Club Lounge at 7he Sevens Stadium.

8. Club membership card to obtain discounts from sponsors and other deals around town.

9. For non-playing members they will get a branded supporters shirt and baseball styled hat.

Rugby Subscriptions Netball Subscriptions Other Subscriptions
Section Fee Section Fee Section Fee
Senior Men AED2,200 Senior Ladies AED1,850 Overseas Playing member AED500
Senior Ladies AED1,850 Youth Players aged U12 to U19 AED1,550 Touch Rugby AED750
Veterans (aged 35 yrs +) AED1,600 Midi Players aged U9 to U11 AED1,450 Non-Playing member AED300
Daddy Canes AED750 Mini Players aged U4 to U8 AED1,350
Girls & Boys from U17 to U19 AED1,650
Girls & Boys from U13 to U16 AED1,950
Girls & Boys from U9 to U12 AED1,800
Girls & Boys from U4 to U8 AED1,500