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Details Confirmation

DHRFC Code of Conduct Agreement

I agree to the following terms in supporting/coaching or playing as a member of the Dubai Hurricanes RFC:

1. I agree to stay behind the pitch barriers, or in the absence of barriers a minimum of 5m from the playing area, during matches unless invited onto the pitch by the match officials.

2. I will act as positive role models to all young players. I agree to support in a positive manner with language and behaviour that is appropriate to the sport. Negativity towards the opposition, referee, coaches or any players is not appropriate and I will not participate in negative behaviour that contradicts the values of the sport or the DHRFC. I will condemn bad language, rude behaviour and violence.

3. I will respect match official's decisions. I will not verbally abuse young players, match officials, fellow spectators or coaches. Such behaviour can create a negative environment for young players and their behaviour will often reflect this. If I am concerned about the safety of the players I will talk to the coach who will approach the referee at an appropriate point and discuss these concerns in a professional manner. Remember, match officials are volunteers providing an opportunity for youngsters to play rugby.

4. I should be familiar with the "Good Coach's code". In particular:

• Coaches should recognise the importance of fun and enjoyment when coaching young players.
• Coaches should keep winning and losing in perspective, encouraging young players to behave with dignity in all circumstances.

5. If foul play is identified and is not seen by the match official I will approach the relevant DHRFC coach who will take appropriate actions in order to maintain the safety of the game. This may include talking professionally to the referee, Mini and Youth Chairman, Director of Rugby or Club Chairman. I will not approach or verbally berate the referee.

6. I agree to adhere to the requests of the team coaches and staff in maintaining the values of the sport and the responsibilities associated with the sport and club.

7. I will acknowledge effort and good performance rather than the "win at all costs" ethic.

8. I will remember children play sport for their enjoyment not mine.

9. If I breach any of the above guidelines or UAE Rugby Federation laws/rules I agree to the sanction that I will receive from either the DHRFC or the UAERF judicial committee. Sanctions for poor side-line behaviour can include banning from pitch side from 2 weeks to indefinitely, depending on the severity if the incident.
In order for you to take advantage of the participating in rugby through DHRFC you are requested to check agreement below.


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Membership Confirmation

Membership Confirmation

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Please check the Events page on this website as to when the season starts for the Squad. To ensure you keep up to date with Club life and activities within your squad, you must download the Club Communicator which is available for both iPhones and Androids. Here you will receive specific alerts as well access to the squad and club events calendar and their timings, photos and resource packs.

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